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"It should be so simple. You do what you can while he's awake, and then once he is asleep, you do what you can do only when he asleep, beginning with the most important thing. But it is not so simple."

-- Lydia Davis, Priority

Things I can do while Evan is awake: pack (sort of, because he is getting to the age where he pulls himself up on the box, peers in, removes items he can lift, shakes them, tastes them, drops onto his butt and crawls away with whatever item he can manage to still grip and crawl with, and deposits it at the exact spot some other more enticing item distracts him); cook (but nothing too complicated because he is also getting to the age where he pulls up onto my legs, hugs my calves and moans until I pick him up where he is perfectly content to watch me one-handedly - dangerously - struggle with a knife and vegetables); just be with Evan.

 We're getting down to the wire around here.

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