graffiti toulousain

I am into the curious things people spray paint on public spaces in Toulouse.

Walking home from school with Léon last week, I noticed someone sprayed, "la police est méchante" on an electrical box. Not just any 'ole "fuck the police," this seemed like a sincere, albeit just as childish statement, as if the person who wrote it had an unsatisfying interaction with the commissariat up the street, and needed to pout publicly. How many times has Léon told me, "t'es méchante, maman" when he can't have his way?

Police are mean
Then you've got the friend who declared her undying devotion to cassoulet, the plat toulousain non plus ultra:

And the "Pomme Poire" inscribed under this bridge, "apple pear," which to me represents Jacques' favorite compote, but to the artist something else. But what? 

Pomme Poire


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