Getting rid of books

I have a tendency to compulsively donate, trash, compost, give, melt, etc. anything that is starting to cramp my space style. Like the opposite of a hoarder. I once threw away a return airplane ticket before I'd actually returned.

Books, however, are the one thing I hold neurotically onto, like worn out doudous whose mere presence, though tattered, covered in dust, content dated-to-the-point-of-being-odious, soothes me. They remind me of the person I was when I read them, or the person I wanted to be when I bought them, or the person I love/d who gave them to me.

But now we are moving and it is time to lighten my load. Facing our bookshelves and the triage that can no longer be avoided, I can't deny that it's time to amputate. Our departure is imminent, I no longer have time to decide what paperbacks still "spark joy" and just have to let that shit go.

It's way less fraught than I would have imagined. Maybe it's because this is a move that feels like a major shedding that makes it easier for me to part with boxes of novels, old editions, and scholarly texts whose spines no longer need my attention. Or vice versa.


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