And I thought I was doing so well

Swedish death cleaning and the anorexic home

"In this era of botoxed Leonardos, and bodies worked out to look like seamless stone, and walk-in closets with a hundred shelves that are best left nearly empty, in this time of so much spacious order camouflaging so much interior mess, these books can be seen as rampant overcorrection. Any human feeling inhuman and wishing to return to centre would do best to read none of them. The way to better health and home might be a messy bedroom. The path to fewer headaches: Leave the Advil on the counter."
Hmmm. Maybe it's been a while that the entire global population feared for its future as rivaling maniacs threaten to annihilate the world via twitter, and so now, faced with possible extinction, we are preparing for the end by compulsively organizing junk drawers and arranging our books on the shelves chromatically? 


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