Shout-out to Peaceful Parenting: perpetuating rape culture while parenting

5 Ways We Ignore Children's Agency That Perpetuate Rape Culture

That first illustration is an issue I've delt with here when my boys don't want to give everyone a bise upon meeting. I never make them (quite simply because it's not inherent in my culture to do it) and can tell it irks a few people, most surprisingly adults my own age. Older folks seemed to get it and not insist, but I sense that other parents are not impressed that I allow my boys to simply say hello and smile. Oh well.

I also insist - like the big, bad party-pooper that I am - that when the boys plead for tickling to stop, the tickler stop. 

But a few of these other examples I need to work on, like when to tattle and when to bite back. Jacques and Léon fight like cats and dogs on the regular, and half the time I am furious with Jacques for retaliating when Léon strikes out at him physically, but half the time I tell Léon that if he attacks Jacques, he should expect to be hit back at some point. Is that awful? 


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