Yes, 2018

Jumping for joy after our interview at the American consulate in Marseille

Coucou! It's been a while. I took a literal pregnant pause and maybe a year to recover from the election of U.S.'s worst President in history.

One of my new year's resolutions is to write at least one blog post per month. This felt like a totally doable resolution until I remembered that blogging actually requires me to 1) sit down, 2) concentrate, 3) exhibit mastery of basic spelling and grammar, 4) and -- least likely to occur -- not be interrupted repeatedly by little people. Will this happen in 2018? Well, it's already January 30th and I'm pretty sure Evan is going to wake up for the 19th time since I put him to bed (poor little guy has a cold), and Léon is going to exit his bedroom for the 5th time since we tucked him in (it's now 21h15), followed by Jacques complaining that Léon is keeping him awake. But here's to everyday miracles!


Hannah said…
You're back!! Yay!!
Aralena said…
Hell yeah!! XO

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