Good use of words

First, this is wickedly good:

The Arrangements, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

In related xenophobic O.G. nastiness, if you were (sort of?) shocked by Brexit's ultimate success, this article brilliantly articulates what lead up to the vote:

Brexit: a disaster decades in the making, Gary Younge

The crux, "When leaders choose the facts that suit them, ignore the facts that don’t and, in the absence of suitable facts, simply make things up, people don’t stop believing in facts – they stop believing in leaders. They do so not because they are over-emotional, under-educated, bigoted or hard-headed, but because trust has been eroded to such a point that the message has been so tainted by the messenger as to render it worthless."
It seems that the current state of politics here on the Old Continent is still as bogged down in its fear of history/the future as it is in the United States. Neither reality nor religion appears capable of dampening the hatred of the "other." And so here we are. We've got Trump, we've got Brexit.


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